Rear view of cottage with french doors

Greenville Cottage

LOCATION: Greenville | DE

CLIENT: Private

STATUS: Completed 2012

PROGRAM: Renovation and additions

The owners of this 1940’s tenant house on the historic Hagley estate in Greenville, Delaware hired Homsey Architects to renovate the structure into a retirement cottage. Previously divided into two modest staff living quarters, the new cottage is 50% larger, includes a first floor master suite, and takes better advantage of sweeping views of an open meadow.

Cottage front- before
Front- Before
Cottage front-after

Subject to a conservation easement, the renovations had to respect and reference the original house while also accommodating a generous expansion. More windows on the southeast elevation dramatically improve natural daylight.

Cottage back- before
Back- Before

Cottage back-after
Rear- After

The site work was complicated by rocky conditions common to the area. Removal of blue granite bedrock was needed in order to level areas around the home for a patio, the additions, and to make room for a new basement to house mechanical systems. The rock was salvaged and used to restore a nearby raceway on the Brandywine River.

Front room fireplace
Front room

The interior of the cottage was gutted and reconfigured, with random width white oak floors, a new stone fireplace, and custom mill work throughout.

Library sitting room

A new library on the back contains custom cabinets and book shelves and French doors opening onto a sunken garden.

Upstairs bedroom